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Nick is a seasoned Real Estate Professional, with a rich background in residential, commercial, and agricultural sales and development. As one of the co-founders of The Portola Group, he brings a unique blend of expertise and innovation to the industry. His journey in real estate is deeply intertwined with his upbringing in Santa Cruz, where his family has thrived for five generations.

Having spent most of his life exploring every nook and cranny of the county, Nick has cultivated a profound connection with its landscapes. From the picturesque south county beaches, to the rolling hills and mountains of Aptos, Soquel, and SLV, he possesses an intimate knowledge of the area's diverse geography. Nick's passion for outdoor pursuits such as surfing, hiking, foraging, and fly fishing has not only shaped his understanding of the land but also influenced his approach to real estate, emphasizing the importance of lifestyle and environment in property decisions.

Nick's academic journey led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in international politics, focusing on Latin America. This academic pursuit took him on transformative experiences abroad in Central and South America, where he not only deepened his understanding of global dynamics but also engaged in meaningful work teaching art and English to underprivileged children. These experiences broadened his worldview and instilled in him a strong sense of community and social responsibility.

Before delving into real estate, Nick honed his skills in the competitive landscape of the Los Angeles film industry. His expertise in motion capture technology, animation, and special effects propelled him from his early production work on HBO’s “True Blood” to a pivotal role as the Managing Producer of a multinational motion capture animation studio. Leading a team of over 60 animators, Nick was instrumental in delivering high-quality work for numerous acclaimed motion pictures, TV shows, commercials, and video games. His role involved not just overseeing production but also fostering strong relationships with studio clientele, showcasing his blend of creative vision and strategic acumen.

Despite his success in the entertainment industry, Nick's heart remained in Santa Cruz, drawn by his love for family and the natural beauty of his hometown. This led him to return home and redirect his career towards real estate sales, investing, and community-conscious development, where he could combine his passion for the region with his professional expertise. His involvement on the board of the North Monterey County Community Foundation further underscores his commitment to enhancing the lives of underserved residents and fostering sustainable community growth.

When not immersed in work, Nick finds solace in the ocean, on the river, or exploring the mountain trails with his wife Allie and their two children, Frankie and Henry. These moments always find a way to add depth and meaning to his personal and professional journey.


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