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I can remember the first moment I became passionate about homes. It all began for me as a seven-year-old, when I was handed a mini sledgehammer and told to try and take down the dining room wall. As a little kid, I was so excited just to be encouraged to smash something that seemed so wrong to my seven-year-old mind, but in the following months, I truly began to understand what it was we were partaking in. We were transforming this old country home with small and dark rooms into a home filled with large and open spaces that brought natural light and gave a feeling of vastness and freedom to all those who spent time there. Though I couldn't have verbalized it then, I grokked on a certain level the impact the quality design played into our enjoyment of our homes.
As years passed, I moved out to Santa Cruz at the ripe age of 18 and started to find my place in the world. After getting my degree in community studies I bought a work belt and followed my heart to "bring solar power to the masses." Crawling under, in, and over hundreds of homes in Santa Cruz and other surrounding areas I formed an intimate relationship with the region's homes. I learned what it meant to provide a quality service, not just in the craftsmanship of the nuts and bolts, but also in expertly communicating expectations to each homeowner.
Now I get to use my lifetime of experience and knowledge to help my clients make the process of selling and buying homes easy and fun. I have brought together many local experts to make sure that my clients have the best services available at their fingertips. I would like to encourage all those interested in excellence to connect with me. If you would like to be part of the team, or if you would like to see what it is like to be our client, I promise you the best service in the county.

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